Our Features

Kasookoo Business

Kasookoo business allows you to invite one or more team members to your Kasookoo account. They download the Kasookoo app and instantly start making and receiving calls from your Kasookoo phone number. It's the ideal way to answer incoming calls, as a team - for customer service in businesses such as: food delivery, health, schools, etc.


The team provide support from anywhere through Smartphone, Web or Desktop apps

Video Calling

The public can instantly download Kasookoo app for video calling with the team


Team members use the same app to manage calls for multiple companies, departments, company branches or even separate businesses. Calls are tagged to indicate the relevant group on the incoming call screen


Team members do not have to reveal their private phone numbers and can avoid the need to carry a separate device

Works online & offline

If you are in a poor internet coverage area or are out of data credit, Kasookoo network automatically routes calls through your mobile network, without any mobile network charges.

Unlimited calling

Enjoy unlimited calling plans to US, Canada, UK, South Africa and Nigeria. Cheap call rates to 172 international destinations.

Team control center

Team admin monitor team or individual activity, control access privileges, balance and payments from the team control center

Team members

Team members can answer the calls through the app, and transfer to colleagues. Calls can also be recorded for compliance and security.

Call statistics

Remote team members can easily track which calls answered by the team and ones which are missed