Omnichannel Contact Center for Remote Working. | kasookoo

Why Use Kasookoo

Engage customers across all their preferred channels.

Secure customer advocacy through a consistently amazing experience.

Put customers first.
Multiple options for interaction that suit their circumstances- Text, Calls, Emails, WhatsApp and more social media. Let them have it all.

Integrate the Front Office with CRM and other productivity tools.

Website Live Chat &Talk

Respond swiftly to customer messages from your website channel on Kasookoo Premium Contact Center.

WhatsApp Integration

Keep track of every request on your WhatsApp business line and respond all in one interface.

SMS Integration

Every customer is a priority. Keep them updated with the latest messages without breaking focus.

Instagram & Facebook Integration

View messages, manage DMs, send/receive documents and more.

Go Premium!

Co-create success with your customers.
Boost satisfaction rates with speedy responses across all engagement channels.

Use Case